Wednesday, May 8, 2013

iPhone Data Recovery Discussion-How to Recover iPhone data without backup

I want to recover deleted call records, messages and possibly apps from an iPhone. I use Windows operating system. I know there are tools to extract from backups but I want to surface scan the disk for anything that's not been synced or backed up. Kind of like a forensics scan. Is this possible to recover iPhone data without backup?

Many with iPhone have been there. It’s incredibly frustrating and answers seem few and far between. It’s so easy to unintentionally delete a file and yet to recover it appears impossible. However which way one loses their application data, my thought was that there must be some way to recover this information.

I began this crusade when I lost all of my photos, and important voice memos from Quick Voice. This happened recently when iTunes automatically updated my iPhone's firmware to OS. I hadn't synced my phone in some time and so this data hadn't been backed up. I really need to recover deleted notes from iPhone without backup beforeI then went on to do an exhaustive search on forums and any other websites that seemed sympathetic to my cause. It quickly dawned on me that it wasn’t going to be easy since there weren’t really any clear comprehensive guides to resolving this sort of problem; just bits and pieces. Thankfully, I brought together enough information to get as far as the last hurdle.
recover iPhone data without backup

Though we can access the iPhone and iPod Touch via iTunes, it does not mount on the desktop as a hard drive. ( Here is a note: some iTunes data recovery software could help to recover data from iTunes backup now ) Hence, it does not appear as a drive that we can scan with data recovery software. Apple has decided not to allow this since it takes away a lot of their power as a sole provider. This will become apparent as you read on. From what I’ve gathered, in order to recover lost data from the iPhone, we need to mount the iPhone as a hard drive.

Now, there is a piece of software called iPhone Data Recovery, you can recover lost data from iPhone directly with this tool and as long as your iPhone is integral. Learn the details, click here: Recover Lost data from iPhone.

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